About W. Merganser

Lover of all things nautical (why do they call some of those ropes that move sails “sheets” anyway?). Educator, writer and amateur photographer. Curious, adventurous, impulsive-yet-thorough. Has at times believed himself to be an alien, and claims Zena, Warrior Princess as an alterego. Travels with Griffin, or is it Sabine? Also Molly’s partner for more than six years. Generally very active, sitting still only with difficulty and the application of his strong sense of discipline. Still, he can occasionally be found in water or lounging in the sunshine…mmwmnudelandscape.jpg

Photo by Molly Montrevoir

One Response to “About W. Merganser”

  1. […] of Janie’s birthday candle taken by W. Merganser, though at the time he thought it was only fireworks.) Molly’s Birthday Wish for […]

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