Molly’s Diary: Hurricane

After the rain, by John Charlton on Flickr

Rain lashes my body and wind whips my hair around my face,
and what i feel
is peace.

All my passion,
all my longing,
all my need
wells up unleashed,
a force of nature rivaled by the raging of the storm.

Unruly emotion:
love that threatens to burst my heart
explodes into the howling wind and is
returned to me in the driving rain.


NOTE: For the first time on Molly’s Mirror I am using a photo not taken by me or by W. Merganser. I am grateful to John Charlton for making his work available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommerical – No derivatives License.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on July 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “Molly’s Diary: Hurricane”

  1. The wonderful thing about great poetry is it inspires imagination in directions never intended, never anticipated. I grew up in Louisiana and experienced my share of storms and hurricanes. On a literal level, I can picture clearly standing before the fury of nature, wind whipping, rain singing, clouds roiling, chest bowed, head tilted back, tongue extended and arms held wide. On another level, I wrap myself in the philosophical eastern view of oneness, of love with a Capital L as the great flow, as life, as light. That Love, from within and from without, brothers separated by skin and bone, seeking reunion like two rivers flowing into the great gulf, returning from whence they came. I’m not sure this is what you meant, but, in my mind, your use of language points me there. Rivaled is a pointer. Returned is another. The comparison between the storm of heart and the storm of nature. In these is created a sense of one seeking to return to the natural state, a state without labels and concepts and inhibitions and all the tricks of the mind.

    So I smile. And I wish for a storm so that I may stand unshod and look upon the heavens and know that what appears to be this and that is really just this.

    Wonderful work Molly. 🙂

  2. Trée, you read so deeply, so openly, so perceptively.

    In these is created a sense of one seeking to return to the natural state, a state without labels and concepts and inhibitions and all the tricks of the mind.

    There is something about the violence of a hurricane that feels like it could tear apart all the bonds that keep us tethered to conventions and labels at the same time as it tears from within us all our self-imposed constraints, laying us bare and raw and completely open.

  3. It is amazing to me how very similar passion is to the most powerful forces of nature. Passion and love and lust, when suddenly released into the world, so much like the hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes of the earth, reflected even in our language and common metaphors for orgasms and trysts and torrid affairs of the heart and body.

    “The earth moved…”
    “Whirlwind romance…”
    “washed over me like a tidal wave…”
    “stars in my eyes…”

    You have touched on something here, and that may be that what lies within our hearts and brains and loins can be as powerful as anything in the universe. In fact, perhaps more so to us, and these metaphors are just as close as we can get to verbalizing the effects such emotions have on us.

    Beautiful, Molly, as always.


  4. Thanks JanieBelle … I think you’re onto something too. All those nature metaphors much be common for a reason.

    And then, too, it’s just that sometimes I feel things so intensely that it as if only something with the force of a hurricane pressing in on me could keep me from bursting apart.


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