What do you see…


River reflecting clouds

What do you see in the river of clouds that flows through the lush greens and the crackly yellows of your heart?

What do you feel when you look down and find the sky beneath you moving fast and sounding like the whispering voices in your head?

Do you see my body stretched before you, disappearing into ripples when you reach out to touch it, and taking form again when you move away?

Do you feel the pull of unseen rapids drawing you in over your head and battering your body against invisible rocks as you are sucked downstream?

Or is it the peace of calm caresses, slow water, and grass moving lightly in the breeze that draws you down to the rivers edge?

Pick your way, slowly, bravely, across the slippery rocks to stand in the middle of the stream as the clouds and the water rush around you.

The sky is torn, illusions bubbling around your feet.

Reach down. Cup your hands. Feel the water, real and cold, splashing on your skin. 

Look inside the outline of your shadow and find what lies below, deep, and clear.

Tell me what you see.

Photo by Molly Montrevoir

~ by Molly Montrevoir on July 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “What do you see…”

  1. I see a poet of wit and depth, subtle as the dawn breeze, deep as cistern mountain lakes, playful as melting spring snow. I see a spirit bright, hopeful, full of vision. I see her name is Molly.

  2. Looking up from the depths of the rippling stream she sees you looking down and smiles.

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