Breaking and Entering, Part 3

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“I think you need more preparation, Jay. But that’s okay,” my voice is soothing with a touch of sternness. “I know this is new to you. I can be patient with you.” I lead him by the chain back over to the bench. “Stand here,” I direct him. I press his hips against the narrow end of the leather padded bench and push his back down so that his body is prone and his feet are on the floor. I stand behind him and indulge myself a moment, running my hands over his back and his ass and his thighs. I kick his feet a bit further apart and kneel down to fasten each one to a foot of the bench. While down there, I reach up between his legs and feel for his cock. It has lost some of its stiffness, which pleases me, actually, as I draw it downward so that it is pressed, down, between his body and the bench. As he gets hard again there should be some very interesting pressure building there as his cock will want to rise but will find itself trapped.

To foreshadow this effect, I let my fingers play around the head of his cock, massaging it a bit through the slippery foreskin. He moans involuntarily and I feel the pressure building. I stop, abruptly, and rake my fingernails roughly along his inner thighs before standing again.

I move around the bench to the front, where I am able to look him in the eyes again. He has to look up sharply in order to meet my eyes, and he does this, and he seems in awe at his position, and at the sensations that are washing over him at my direction. I take a leather strap from my end of the bench and I attach it to the center clip on the chain of his cuffs. I draw it toward me, fastening it tightly to a ring at my end of the bench. I pull it tight enough that he has absolutely no play in the chain or the strap. He is now pinned at three points, unable to move.

“Jay, Jay,” I murmur, “Do you know how beautiful you are right now”” I admire his strong back, his tight, exposed ass, his lean thigh muscles, his taut calves. I admire the strength in his arms, as he tests the restraint. “David,” I call to his friend softly. “Have you ever seen Jay in such a position? So strong and yet so helpless?”

“Molly, I have never seen anything remotely like this, and I certainly never imagined Jay in such a position,” he says. And then, almost as an afterthought that he can’t help, he adds, “Though I can imagine some people at the office who would be immensely gratified to see him like this!” Jay groans and David laughs. “Don’t worry, my friend, there’ll be no photos. Trust me!”

“David,” I interrupt, “Will you please hand me that flogger?” David brings me my green suede flogger. It is small and easy to handle. It has a dozen foot-long thin suede strips that can be used to tickle or to sting. It is one of my favorite toys. I show it to Jay, holding it across my two open hands. I lean over and kiss him again, lightly, lips just brushing his. He strains forward for more but I don’t give him any more. “Not just yet, darling, not just yet.”

I lightly trail the suede strips along his back, brushing his sides, sweeping over his ass and tickling his thighs. “I’m going to start lightly,” I tell him, “but I’m going to build up to painful. Remember, ‘stop’ is not a safe word.”

I begin with a volley of light slaps so that he can get a feel for the flogger. Then I toss in a harder crack every fourth blow. The music in the background provides exactly the right the rhythm. An additional irony: the song, “Wave that takes me under,” begins with the line “It’s strange to sit and watch myself do the things I never thought I’d do … ” and I wonder if Jay caught the words.

His ass and his thighs are taking on a gorgeous redness now and I alter my pattern somewhat. Now I give him four hard blows, two to each thigh, then a break as I reach between his legs and stroke the tip of his cock, pressed so tightly between the bench and his body. Then four hard cracks against his ass, alternating sides, and another stroke between his legs. With every flinch he presses himself harder against the bench. Soon I am flogging him, hard, with each beat of the “The wave” and I know his cock is straining to be erect though I haven’t touched it now for many, many beats. His gasps and moans blend into the music and I imagine that a listener would think it was all just one glorious soundtrack.

A change of songs slows my blows and brings me, finally, to a stop. I draw the strips of the flogger over Jay’s back and shoulders as his body relaxes and his gasps turn into moans and then into sighs, and he rests a moment.

I caress his ass lightly with my fingertips and then trail them along his balls and around the head of his cock. It is dripping wet and swollen. I walk to the head of the bench and loosen the strap attaching his wrist cuffs to the bench. I do not free him, but I give him a bit of room to move. I look into his eyes. They are wet but he is grinning the blissed out grin of a person who has sunken deep into bottom space and is happy to stay there a while. I’ll keep him there, but not without continuing to challenge him. There is still space for him to drop down into. He just doesn’t know it yet.

“You are doing beautifully, Jay. I’m sure, now, that you’re really ready to continue. Are you ready to continue?”

This time he offers no qualifier in his response. “Yes, Molly. Yes.”

“I think you deserve a small reward, first,” I say, as I run my fingers through his hair and then disappear from his view again, moving to the foot of the bench. I don’t take my hands off of him as I move around him. I run them over his arms, his back, gently over his tender ass, slowly down the backs of his thighs.

Standing behind him I grab his hips and pull him back toward me. His ankles are still secured to the feet of the bench, but the strap securing his arms is looser and he can pull back against it without losing his balance. I wrap one arm around his waist and begin to stroke his cock. It now has the freedom it has been straining for and it is hard as steel covered in silk. He moans as I stroke him slowly. Long, light, pulling strokes with one hand, my other hand tracing patterns along his balls.

A moan from behind me catches my attention. David has been so quiet, and I have been so focused, that I’d momentarily forgotten he was there. Continuing to stroke Jay’s cock, I turn my head to find David with his pants unbuttoned, cock in his hand. “David, David, I’m so sorry you were neglected, but I’m glad to see you enjoying yourself.” David blushes. “Come closer David, and please bring that little kit there with you.” He begins to button up but I stop him. “No no, you needn’t stop … just bring yourself and that kit a bit closer, please.” This he does.

I wave him over to a spot near the bench where he can lean against the wall and watch from a closer vantage point. More to the point, I can watch him, and he is a delightful sight. Taller than his friend, and fairer, not as slick, attractive in a less “worked at” sort of way. Watching him slowly stroking his own cock adds a new flavor to my excitement.

“David, I need your help for a moment if you’re willing to give it.” He raises an eyebrow in response. “Please bring a few pillows from that lounge over there and stand at Jay’s head.” He agrees. Jay is still, quiet, waiting.

David returns with the pillows and I instruct him to unclip the cuffs from the strap at the head of the bench. I tell Jay to stand, and slowly he does. He is, for a moment, naked, bruised, sweating and facing his friend, yet appears unfazed. In fact, they both seem so into the scene that nothing is striking them as unusual at the moment. I bend down to unbind his feet and allow myself a quick taste of his cock before standing. “Jay, turn around,” I instruct as I stand. And he does. I pull his face to mine and kiss him deeply. There is a hunger and an offering in the way he kisses now that is entirely different from our first kiss. His tongue is searching but not challenging. His yielding is without reservation, and wholly present. It is difficult to pull myself away, but I do.

“Jay, you are going to sit on bench, which is going to hurt a bit. Then you’re going to lie back and I’m going keep pushing you into spaces you haven’t been before.” His eyes don’t leave mine as he sits himself on the bench. He winces as his bruised ass takes the weight of his body. I motion for David to place the pillows behind Jay’s head and shoulders and I push him back to lie against them. Jay relaxes into the pillows and into the pain. I guide his legs, one at a time, onto the lower tiers that run along each side of the bench, and I bind them in place. His legs are spread, his ass is exposed and his friend is standing at his head, looking on with a sort of aroused wonder. His hand has found his cock again and is stroking lightly, waiting.

I reach into the little kit and extract a condom, some gloves, some lube and a bottle of warming gel. I don the gloves, not breaking eye contact, daring him to look away and knowing he wont. I tear open a condom wrapper and squirt some warming gel into it. I begin to roll it down over Jay’s cock and his eyes flutter closed as the gel turns liquidy and runs down his shaft. I follow the condom with my mouth, my tongue warming the latex and his cock. Jay moans at the pleasure for a moment unmitigated by pain or tension. His cock is hot and wet under the condom and my my tongue is swirling around it from shaft to tip and back again. I wrap my lips around his cock and slide it slowly into my mouth, watching his eyes as my mouth envelopes him. I hold the tip of it at the back of my mouth for a moment, before taking it the rest of the way into my throat. Jay lifts his hips off the table in response. I draw my mouth up his shaft again and when his hips fall back to the bench I feel him wince with pain. I am as hungry for this as he is, and I moan against him as he fucks my mouth, hard, despite the pain he must feel on the backstroke of every thrust.

His cock is slippery with my spit and as it drips down his balls and onto my fingers I start to massage around his asshole. Holding his cock deep in my throat I press against the tight opening, not entering it yet, but just pressing firmly. Then my finger, slippery with spit and latex, slides inside. We both stop moving. I hold his cock in my throat as I move my finger slowly, gently, further inside him. He moans. I slowly raise my mouth from his steel-hard cock, taking it in my free hand, stroking insistently. I lick my lips and look into Jay’s eyes.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I tell him as I massage his cock with my hand. “I’m going to do it slowly, and get you good and open first, but I am going to fuck you.” His eyes are wide, but not with fear. Instead there hesitation, sure, but there is also an openness, a desire to know, and a trust. “But before I fuck you, you have to ask me to do it. You have to want it enough to ask me for it.”

He looks stricken. Is it possible that actually saying the words will be to difficult for him? David, still stroking himself, murmurs something in encouragement but I don’t hear it.

Jay swallows hard and says the words I need to hear: “Molly, I’ve never been fucked before. I want you to fuck me. Please.”

Coming soon ~ Part 4, the last part for now.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on July 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Breaking and Entering, Part 3”

  1. wow, that got me going. I have an idea what is next, and can’t wait to read it.

  2. […] soon: Part 3 – Part […]

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