23 buttons

Because he counted them, slowly, in the restaurant, while the others waited.

One by one, his finger traced a burning line down my body, dipping between my breasts, sliding over my belly, brushing the fabric over my clit before reaching the hem.

The electric connection between our eyes never broke. His gaze never dropped.

He did it all by touch.


To be sure.

23 Buttons, self portrait, by Molly Montrevoir

~ by Molly Montrevoir on June 16, 2008.

17 Responses to “23 buttons”

  1. Holy. Molly.

    How utterly seductive, Scheherazade.

    I hope there are more to this shoot…

  2. uh, I think I meant Salome. …or something. I’m a little not together here.

  3. I think it would have to be a thousand and one buttons if it were Scheherazade, wouldn’t it? …. wandering off to imagine such a dress!


  4. I’m imagining removing that dress.


  5. The dress can only be removed by one who is willing to dutifully count the buttons first… it’s a test of patience and perseverance 😉

  6. Remember Sesame Street? I love The Count. (whoops. almost pulled a Freudian there)

    One. One Button.

    Two. Two Buttons.

    I love Cookie Monster, too. Impatient, ravenous, always eating the cookies…


  7. A nearly freudian typo, hmm? I think that was planned 😉
    I loved Cookie Monster as a kid, too .. how quickly that transferred to vampires as a teen and adult.
    Same ravenousness.
    More sensuality.

  8. Yes, well I pinky swear the Freudian was accidental. Appropriate, but accidental.

    And Mamma always said, “JanieBelle, never, ever, leave without the O.” Mamma gave good…


    mmmm… vampires. Yes, all that sucking, and fluids, and contact, and flashes, and skin, and ecstasy, and lust, and hunger…

    whew, I think I need a shower now.

  9. For me it was always the feeling I’d get in my center at the moment of the piercing of flesh … that kind of so very intimate penetration of the body by another for the purpose of meeting such intensely felt needs… the resistance of the skin, the sharpness of the teeth, the moment when they break through, suddenly, finally, irrevokably. Yes … that.

  10. Oh yes. That moment, that one instant, when resistance suddenly “pops”, and gives way to penetration…

    That is especially divine.

    You captured that moment well in The Broker.

  11. It would be a labour…a labour of desire…to count as high as twenty-two. But the desire is ever there, my dear. xoTom

  12. Tom, you have an excellent eye, and the patience of, well, someone entranced by the buttons or by what might lie beneath.

    But remember, he counted them by touch. There might be one you cannot see.

    And perhaps another, too.


  13. Buttons

    Light moss green fabric matches your eyes – when you look at me I stop thinking and want to tear them loose, one at a time.
    My breathing catches as you give that [use me] look I become electric.
    More sure now, fingers get stronger forcing them open, apart and tilting into hole.
    Firm now assured I crowd – closer.
    Fabric edge fallen cornered reveals smooth flesh.
    I again look into your eyes, matching your breath.
    Kissing you softly my fingers fumble as the top panel of your dress opens fully.
    Below the edge I slow and breathe deeply, nose next to chest rising heat in my heart.
    Frustrated yet patient I kneel, one hand between, touching smooth skin.
    Paused, I hold you close, head against your flat belly, hands stroking down your flanks.
    Not yet halfway you begin to stroke my hair pushing me against you.
    The middle and downhill my fingers hit button speed, flashing down again.
    11 and again 10 and again as I reveal your unclad join, my mouth seeks and finds that place we want to meet and fingers again tug. One handed my palm slides up thumb stroking between as
    Your skirt is so in the way please go away buttons.
    I want to tear you open – lick my way in.
    You taste so good here on the sidewalk. My heart aches this lost moment.
    Standing hands a-flank – fingers sliding onto your low back I slide tongue up and over licking toward your insistent mouth, just my zipper and a belt away.
    You smile. ‘There’s two more buttons inside”.
    “Two?” My fingertips investigate.
    “Oh yes one spare sewn inside the hem and the other one, that one, that one right, uh right there.”

  14. Other-queen-like-no-other,
    your words are passionate eloquence and there on the sidewalk there were no words, and now words are everything and I am grateful for them!

  15. Wow, Molly.
    How in heaven’s name did I miss this?

    Finding it now is a good pre-bedtime treat, though.

  16. I don’t know, Outis…. how indeed? And what else might you have missed?

  17. […] will win The last time I saw him he counted the buttons on my dress, leaning across a table in a busy restaurant while our companions waited patiently, sliding his […]

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