The car rocks and rumbles over aging tracks and speeds past glimpses of river as tree branches slap against the window.

I imagine your hand making that sound against my ass as you take me roughly from behind.

Soon. We will be there soon.

Can we wait?

Houses flash by as your fingers brush my leg.

Is anybody watching as you toss your jacket over my bare legs and I lean back against the window and pull one foot up onto the seat?

Can anybody see you slide your hand along my thigh, my skirt falling back against my body, your fingers brushing the damp curly hair between my legs?

I bite my lips so as not to gasp as you push your way inside me.

Opening around you, drawing you in, my body responds as your fingers curl up inside me pulsing to the rhythm of the wheels, pulling as the train sways around the curves.

I close my eyes and try to keep my face calm but you can feel me squeezing hard against you as I come to the vibrations of the engine and the rocking and lurching of the car disguises the shudders of my release.

How much longer? That release is only a brief stop before our destination. My desire builds again with the momentum of the train. Yours, never interrupted, pushes forward. Inexorable. Unbending.

Later at our destination we consume one another without care for time or place. We are moved, together, by the force of needs built up now beyond our capacity to control them.

Your fingernails rake ragged pathways down my back as you come in spasms and cries and calls of my name.

My teeth, on your pale skin now flushed and salty, bite down hard in response, and leave tracks I will follow later.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on June 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Tracks”

  1. O Molly, you are on a roll, as it were.

    This really put my head on the train, there with you, inside you and inside your head at the same time. I could hear the rumbling and rattling and the rhythm of the wheels in my head like I was there.

    I tried to read it a second time, but… I uh… didn’t finish. Well, I didn’t finish reading, anyway.


    Kisses, XXXs, and OMGs

  2. Maybe you were there, JanieBelle… maybe you put the dream in my head.
    I had such vivid dreams before waking.

    And then I woke to your Lilith story. What a way to move from dreaming to waking. And now you’ve gone and put her on a train. Yes, perhaps you are in my head.


  3. Trains…what an underappreciated means of conveyance! Sigh…

  4. I truly believe it a crime that the US allowed so much of its rail system to be dismantled and that it has never reinvested in mass transit.

    Did I mention all that took place in the “Quiet car”?

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