Molly’s Diary: Unyielding



A tightness in my chest.

The feeling of a hand, reaching into my throat, and tugging at my guts with the undeniability of a runaway tractor-trailer barreling down a long, straight grade or a jackhammer cutting through steaming pavement right outside my window

Is it possible to want so deeply, to need so much? Is it survivable, this degree of longing?

I catch myself holding my breath, wanting the world, needing to be filled, waiting to be pushed beyond limits I thought were impassible, to be opened wider than I imagined possible.

Dangerous for the person who would dare respond, fill, push, open. Once opened, I will not be denied. My desire will not be contained. My actions will not be disciplined.

I will take. I will consume. I will engulf.

Burning up, flooding out, an unavoidable and mutually assured annihilation.

And then, in the space between gasping breaths and silence, a moment of oblivion and rest.

But only a moment, and then desire starts to seep back in, consciousness awakening to the building tide of want and need.



~ by Molly Montrevoir on June 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Molly’s Diary: Unyielding”

  1. Oh my, Molly.

    I’m not sure I dare even post a comment.

    Well, I’ve never been known as timid, have I?

    Both. Frackin’. Feet.

    Swallow me whole.

  2. Timid? You? Not a chance! You would walk into the den of a bear just as it was waking from hibernation if there was something in there you wanted badly enough.

    In fact, I think that’s just what you’ve done.

    Waking hungry,

  3. You really did wake hungry, didn’t you?


  4. Ravenous. Ravenous and propelled much more by instinct than by reason.

  5. I think I like the sound of that.

    Yes. Yes, I very much do.


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