What he said he’d do … (How I’d lead you) part 3

And then, finally, after taking me to the edge twice and promising more each time, he sent me this, and I could not contain myself any longer …

It’s I who has to shower this time but I don’t want to be away from you for long, your sweet young body with its hardness and softness and fine hairs and your eager innocence and your cockiness that I miss in myself. But I won’t be long, and you’ll wait as patiently as you can for the next part, won’t you?

And when I come out, towel around my waist, you have those Joe Boxers on again, and I’m not sure if you want to go until you explain that you want me to take them down for you, to make you feel like you’re surrendering, and I get the feeling you’d like this to be tender, and I couldn’t possibly refuse such a beautiful wish from such a beautiful boy, could I?

I miss the slow and sensual that most other men don’t have patience for and it makes me want you all the more for it. This time you want to be girlish and be touched and kissed and stroked and talked to softly, and told how much you’re wanted and how much I want you to surrender it to me, don’t you?

I walk up behind you and the towel falls and I kiss the back of your neck under your short hair and reach one hand for your chest and the other for your lower abs and thighs, holding you more firmly than I would a girl but not roughly and it makes me breathe heavily to have you in my arms like that, but I can still find the breath to whisper, “Tell that you want to be taken,” because I want you to really, really want it, and don’t you?

“I want you to…” and your voice falters… “strip me naked and lay me down and fuck me and cum in my ass and make me feel like a gorgeous slut.” And your words make me gasp and my hands start to caress you harder and I have to restrain myself and my lust, but I can and I will and I will make you feel like a beautiful slut one kiss, one touch, one drop at a time, won’t I?

“You are already beautiful, and I will make you feel like a slut with all my will and desire and I slip my hand inside the front of your boxers and caress you and the other hand in back and caress your soft virgin cheeks that your girlfriend didn’t take full advantage of, did she?

And your shorts slide slowly down and over your shoulder I see you hard again and I could kneel and suck it again but we have other places to go, don’t we?

So you kick them off and crawl onto the bed and I follow closely, lying beside you on the left and caressing your backbone and then the backs of your thighs and that firm ass and I could just shoot a load on that downy skin right now, couldn’t I?

But we both must be patient and show you how to relax and go a little farther than the girlfriend who just pushed at your opening but you say it made you shoot immediately and tell you not to worry you can come now or later or whenever you want to and I know you will, won’t you?

And you start to feel the cool lube between your cheeks and it smears everywhere and it almost tickles and you try not to giggle but it make you relax, and that’s what we want, isn’t it?

Until I slide a finger just an inch in and you gasp and I hold it still, show you how to relax, then take it out and more lube in and you want a little more, don’t you?

And I work it slowly, one beautiful, sticky inch at a time and tell you it’s a myth that only girls have cunts and only girls can feel that way, desired and hollow at the same time, wanting to be filled. And I whisper, “and now you want to be filled, don’t you?”

Your answer is what we both wanted to hear, and now you are the most beautiful slut I have ever known, aren’t you?

And he left it there, tantalizing me, letting me finish the story in my head. Shall I finish it for you? Do you want to know what I felt there in my boyishness on the bed? Should I describe what happened after I answered “yes” in my hoarse and needy voice?

Or shall I just float a while longer here enjoying the pleasure of his gift?

The beginning of Jimmy’s story is here, and the middle is here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on January 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “What he said he’d do … (How I’d lead you) part 3”

  1. Let it float for a while. The telling will be better. And deeper…

  2. Floating is about what I can manage these days …. thanks JaneyRuth

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