What he said he’d do … (How I’d lead you) part 2

And so he sent me those words, which left me restless and edgy and needing to know the rest, and I hung on them for a few days until holidays ebbed and we were both at our keyboards again, and he offered some relief that left me worse off than I’d been before:

And you say you’d like to shower alone, just to be alone and think about it all, and I’ll be alone for a moment with my desires and more plans for you if you’re eager, and I know you’re eager, aren’t you?

I only get a moment to long for the taste of your still-damp skin from the shower, and you’re back and eager, barely toweled off so eager, and I ask if you’d rather suck me or fuck me and I don’t care which it’s all so delightful with you, isn’t it?

You’re feeling strong and confident and you want to flex your muscles and show me what you’re made of by fucking my ass. And you know how to do it because you’ve done a girlfriend and it’s pretty much the same, except it was her first time and it’s not my first time, is it?

And I say no but here’s the lube and use lots and I’d rather lie on my stomach on this pile of blankets and pillows and be comfortable and you’ll take your time, won’t you?

You remember, you tell me, how slow and tender it was with the girlfriend, and how magical, the sweet surrender of it, and how she played with yours a little afterwards and you so loved that and you’d like to try a little more of that later, wouldn’t you?

And your fingers are slender, your touch sweet and careful and sensual in there, and I have to tell you to push them deeper, deeper, make me open for you I want you to take me so much and you will, won’t you?

Your sweet young cock is slender too, and I want to take it whole, I want you to put it deep and hold it and hold my ass close to you and you push, softly, carefully like you did with her, and it’s good and sweet, isn’t it?

You tell me you love my ass, it’s strong, I must work out, and it’s nice of you to say, but you’re the pretty one here and that’s fine and you know it, don’t you?

And it takes a while for you to start to breathe heavily, I can feel a little sweat from your face as you lean to kiss my back, and then you moan once, and the pace quickens suddenly, and I feel it twitching so deep there and I know you’re headed over the cliff, aren’t you?

It’s always a thrill for me to have someone right there, and you feel so right, twitching, moaning, finishing yourself off, caressing my ass and hips to say thanks, just holding it there for a moment so we’ll both remember this all our lives, won’t we?

And you say we will and you say you want me to feel what you felt and you to feel what I felt and I’ll be just as careful and tender and make you relax and tell you how beautiful you are with your ass in the air waiting for me and wanting me and you will be, won’t you?

To read the first part of Jimmy’s story, “How I’d lead you,” click here.

It’s not quite done, so don’t be gone long! The conclusion is here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on January 23, 2008.

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