What he said he’d do …

We’d been flirting online at Playful-Bent, watching each other get nakeder over a maddening number of days.

And then he looked here and he found “Androgynous” and we flirted some more.

Androgynous in Jeans 2And I asked him “If I were a boy for an afternoon, an eager but inexperienced boy, a boy who wanted to fuck men but hadn’t actually gotten so far as to be in bed with one before … if I were that sort of boy, how would you lead me?”And he said “with a balance of avuncular kindness, plainly stated desire, and a gentle but confident touch.”And I shivered, because you know how I love a person with a strong vocabulary and a desire to fuck around with gender.

And then he said some more:

You’ll come back to my room at the Sheraton, won’t you? I thought you might. You’re sure of yourself, ready for adventure, aren’t you?

I’ll talk lots to you about what it’s like with other men, but when the elevator doors shut I’ll lean towards you, my hand in the small of your back, and kiss you deeply, won’t I?

And when I open the room door and motion you in I’ll get us drinks and give you a minute to feel comfortable where we’ll spend the next few hours, but we’ll hardly touch the drinks, will we?

And I’ll tell you that I lusted after you on the street and had to make eye contact and it all started from there, and I’ll kiss you again a little harder, and pull you closer to me so each of us feels the other’s hardness, won’t I?

I’ll ask you just to take that little yellow singlet off, while I throw off all my clothes and ask you if you’re okay and have you ever touched another man right there and have you ever been sucked by another man and you’ll touch me tentatively for a moment and say you never have and you so want to right now, don’t you?

Kneeling down in front of you, I’ll tell you I’m so pleased to be your first, and how beautiful you are, not all bulked up fresh from the gym but fair and sleek and graceful and so hard I can feel it through your jeans, and in a minute they’re going to come off, aren’t they?

But first my face comes up to your sternum, and I’m so glad I shaved just an hour ago as I paint your stomach with my cheek, with my lips, all its little depressions with my tongue, along the waistband of your jeans with my tongue, from hip bone to hip bone, must find the dome, must find the zipper, but I’ll manage, won’t I?

And you’ll be breathing hard and wondering how soon you’ll be naked too, won’t you?

I’ll reach inside your jeans to get my hands on your ass of perfect proportions, wanting to feel how hard how soft it is, wanting to draw it closer to me, telling you how men will line up around the block for such a beautiful ass, but how they may not be as gentle as I will be. And you get impatient and you’re so right to be and you pull yourself, your lovely self, out of your Joe Boxer boy underwear and there’s only one thing I can do with it, isn’t there?

And I kiss it and lick it all over from perineum to balls to tip to licking it like ice cream licking circles, taking it deep, remembering how not to choke, my other hand on your ass, pulling you towards me, getting the rhythm but we barely get the rhythm down before…the excitement of your first time overcomes you and your chest goes all flush and your knees are weak and you just have to lie down, don’t you?

And that’s just the beginning.

Part one of “How I’d lead you” by Jimmy Jazz (which is not his PlayfulBent name, but is the name he requests he be known by here on Molly’s Mirror).

Part Two is posted here.

Part Three is posted here. 

~ by Molly Montrevoir on January 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “What he said he’d do …”

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