You see her through the door she left ajar.

It was open just a crack yet you were certain it was intentional.

An invitation of a sort, but not unambiguous.

What comes next?

If that were clear so much more might be clear also.

Right now there is little clear except the invitation to step into the room.

She heard the creak of the floorboard under your step; you cannot remain a voyeur now that she knows you are here.



This is not about clarity; no, it is about courage.

Or if not courage, at least decisiveness.

Or if not decisiveness, at least recognition.



And so you step across the threshold…


3.What is it you are hoping for as you step from one room to another, from one world to another, from one imagined reality, certain to be obtained, to reality, unimagined, and yet to be believed?



…You step across the threshold.

You close the distance, and stand so near now that her edges blur.

The light and shadow suggest angles and curves.

Her scent is clearer than her shape.

She is there before you, real and barely visible between your lash-veiled eyes.

The warm salt light reveals nothing but mystery.

You reach out, knowing that what you touch will be soft and yielding and strong and resistant and willful and pliable all at once.

You have her in your arms.

You do not know what comes next.

Truth is always like that.

Photos of Molly by W. Merganser.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on December 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “Thresholds”

  1. I love the hesitation in this one, Molly. The doubt, the indecision, the lack of certainty, and then the overcoming of all that with just a step.

    Beautifully captured.


  2. Thank you JanieBelle … I do so love it when you drop by!

  3. I’m a sucker for pretty pix of pretty people…bows to Merganser for beautiful, complementary images (which came first, I wonder?)
    I agree that the hesitation is a sexy idea well captured; the notion of crossing over from the ‘real constructed’ world to an ‘artificially constructed’ gives this piece lasting resonance that most erotica doesn’t try to reach for.
    You’re both raising the bar for erotic creativity!

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