Deep in the woods… part 6

He loves the way the inner folds of her cunt feel: warm and wet and soft and slippery. He watches as her body tenses, pulling against the rope as he fucks her with his fingers. Two fingers move inside her while his thumb circles her clit. Her back arches off the table then falls again. He presses his fingers rhythmically upward against the spongy spot that makes her squirm. He has never seen her splayed out like this, restrained, unable to speak. He wonders why he hasn’t tied her up before.

He leans over her body, still fucking her with his fingers, and with his other hand he pinches one of her pinkish brown nipples. He watches her jaw tighten against the knife blade.

She knows she is going to come soon. She won’t be able to hold back. When he pinched her nipple like that he brought her very close to the edge. A twinge shot through her body as if there were a wire conducting electricity between her nipple and her clit. She feels her teeth clenched against the knife blade. She knows her teeth are bared, her lips pulled away from the blade, and she imagines she looks fierce. She wants to yell, and can’t.

The first waves of orgasm wrack her body as she tenses against the rope and grits her teeth instead of crying out.

He feels her cunt tighten around his fingers and slows down a moment. He bends to her clit and sucks it as she comes. Her legs strain against the ropes, trying to close around his head as he continues to lap at her pulsing clit. Her moans and cries are strangled by her teeth, tightly closed on the knife blade. She is coming but without release. He is more and more turned on by the tension building in her body in her body.

He reluctantly moves his mouth away from her body and slides his thumb where his tongue was just a moment ago. He gently continues to rub her clit as he bends over her and takes the knife from her between her teeth. She gasps with relief and then another wave of orgasm washes over her as he slides his cock inside her throbbing cunt.

To read the first five parts of this story, click here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on October 29, 2007.

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