Deep in the woods… part 5

She pleads. He silences her with a single look. His finger still inside her, his thumb still pressing on her clit, he is totally still. She wonders to herself how long he can maintain his own discipline. She knows he wanted to fuck her when he had her up against the tree. Yet he seems to have a plan in mind. She decides to test him. She grinds against his hand pushing against his thumb, driving his finger deeper inside her.

He laughs. He reaches for his backpack. (He is never without that either.) From the backpack he draws some rope. He’s been practicing his knot tying a lot lately and she has found herself quietly wishing he would start tying her up. He tells her he will make sure she can’t move, and he slips a loop of rope around each of her feet and then runs the rough cord up her legs. First one leg then the other, he attaches each rope to its bench so that her legs are bound wide open. He binds her wrists together and stretches her arms out over her head and fixes the rope to the splintery crossed boards holding up that end of the picnic table.

He tells her she can squirm all she wants now, but the truth is she can hardly move. She tries to press her thighs together and gets nowhere, but she can feel the rope imprinting on her flesh. She doesn’t tell him yet how much she likes that feeling.

coil1.jpgHe picks up the knife again and holds it for a moment in front of her face. The sun glints on the blade. He places the tip against her wrist and very lightly traces the long line from down her arm, along her side, across her hip, and down the inside of her thigh. She shudders.

He places the back edge of the knife between the lips of her cunt, pressing the flat side of the blade back and forth against her wet folds to spread them open.

She moans. His eyes are locked on hers. He brings the knife to her mouth and she tastes the metallic muskiness. “Open,” he says, and she does, and he places the blade between her teeth. “Bite down,” he says, and she does and he lets go of the handle and now she has to keep her teeth closed on the blade so it doesn’t fall and maybe cut her, and just as she thinks about that he slips two fingers inside her and starts fucking her slowly and persistently.

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Photo “Rope Coil Rorschach” by Molly Montrevoir. Originally published here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on October 13, 2007.

One Response to “Deep in the woods… part 5”

  1. It is intertesting to read this material, as it confirms my belief that the erotic is a mental construct, that is not best served by the visual. I have sent you an e-mail, read my blog ‘defining the erotic’ at I would be interested in your comments. regards Laurie

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