Deep in the woods…. part 4

He lays her blouse open and she feels the air moving across her skin, over her breasts. Her nipples are instantly hard. He runs a finger from the hollow of her neck to the button on her shorts. She tries not to squirm.

She takes a deep breath as his hands skim over her thighs. She wants to tense her muscles. She wants to widen the spread of her legs. She wants to arch her back. She does none of these things.

He takes the utility knife (he is never without it) from its place on his belt and now she is truly surprised. The spark of fear makes her suddenly very wet. He traces a line up the inside of her thigh with the very tip of the blade and now she is still, completely still, for more complicated reasons.

He skillfully cuts through the crotch of her shorts, the thin fabric giving way in jagged tears. He slides the knife under the leg of her panties and pulls them away from her body exposing her wet cunt to the air. “Don’t move.”

closeuplilyjpg.jpgHe slides a finger along her slick lips, separating them, slipping inside. She can’t completely resist the urge to squirm. He flicks his eyes to hers and says, “I’ll stop.” She begs him not to. His long middle finger inside her pushing up against the soft spongy spot she can never reach as well on her own, the knuckles of his other fingers tight against her body. He presses his thumb against her clit, rubbing maddeningly rhythmic circles there. Despite her efforts to be still, her back arches and she pushes herself against his hand, and a moan escapes her lips.

He stops.

To read the first three parts of this story, click here.

Detail from water lily photo by Molly Montrevoir.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on October 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Deep in the woods…. part 4”

  1. That was very, very hot. I think I like blade-play just a little too much, you know?

    xx Dee

  2. He may have stopped, but did you really have to?

    More, give me more.

    And Dee, I’m with you there, maybe just a tad too much love for that cold edge trailing along my skin.

  3. Isn’t there a rule someplace that says “never bring a knife into a scene unless you’re going to use it?” Don’t worry …. I won’t stop for long.

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