Molly’s Diary: As if it happened

She sits before me now,
the same curiosity written on her face that I used to see every day
in a

She has the same provocative stare —
although it used to be unconscious —
the one that says:

Show me.

Let me see.

I need to know.


But now she knows she has it
and she’s using it

I challenge her with my eyes
the way I used to challenge her with words
and just as then when ours was only
she doesn’t flinch but pushes forward.

She rises boldly,
neatly erasing the lines
that used to keep us

Where once my voice alone could touch her,
my lips
my tongue
my fingers

Where once her answers came in words
now they come
in moans
and gasps,
in clenching fists and arching body.


~ by Molly Montrevoir on October 1, 2007.

One Response to “Molly’s Diary: As if it happened”

  1. Through the Looking Glass

    As if it never happened
    As if all she ever was could be contained
    Mere radiant energy sparking silvered surfaces
    Enthralled by walls of glass
    Virtual being beaming pixel perfect.

    What god gave life to this faceless beauty
    Declared the boundaries of her being
    Decreed the limits of her existence
    As if she were a misguided bird
    Doomed to thump against the glass
    To fall shattered in failed flight.

    But this bird wills to fly free
    Leaving only shattered shards behind
    She flies in the face of restraint
    Mocks the god who made her
    And sings
    As if she always was.

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