Molly’s Diary: Languor

The chimes hang heavy in the late summer sun, no breath of air to move them. Stainless steel, warm but silent. Heavy, solid rods of muted soundless energy that hint at music gone unplayed and words as yet unspoken.

I take a breath and exhale slowly; I will the chimes to move. But from where I rest in warm soft grass I cannot free the sounds I long to hear. My breath is too weak, the chimes too heavy, the distance far too great.

It would be a simple thing to raise myself from this spot in the sun and run my fingers across the rods. I would hear their deep full tones echo on the water and feel their rich vibrations resonate inside my chest.

It would only take a second, a brief expense of energy and then the pleasure of the sounds I want to hear.

And yet here I lie and I close my eyes and I lazily wait for the wind.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on September 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Molly’s Diary: Languor”

  1. I love your words, Molly, and how they transport me until suddenly, I am beside you, still and silent, patiently waiting to hear the echo of the chimes.

  2. There’s a beautiful image in itself, Tess!

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