Back to school, part 2

After the first week of classes …



~ by Molly Montrevoir on September 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “Back to school, part 2”

  1. I think that next semester I’m going to take Molly 101. I’m looking forward to studying Molly. Molly is a great subject.


  2. I bet you’d be a very good student, too. I’m sure you’d study very, very hard.

    PS: I was thinking this one needed a caption contest… you know, something like “I can haz teetching ussistint?”

  3. […] Molly can haz teetching ussisstunt […]

  4. Teacher, I’m afraid I forgot my homework again. I know I’ll have to be punished.

  5. You forgot your homework again, did you? And I suppose you’re hoping that your punishment is to be kept after class? I think perhaps your punishment should be to sit on the floor and massage my feet while I grade everybody else’s homework!

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