Back to school, part 1

The hours of anticipation just before the semester begins … p1010007.jpg

Photo by W. Merganser

~ by Molly Montrevoir on September 9, 2007.

19 Responses to “Back to school, part 1”

  1. Holy Moly!

    (Holly Molly?)

  2. Holy? Maybe in the spirit of “Sister Mary Ignatious Explains It All For You” ….

  3. That’s in one of the hottest photos ever. Oh god, it’s actually making me wet. Come to think of it, so did the idea of sex up against the wall earlier. Looks like I’m having one of those all sexed up days. There are far worse things.

  4. Far worse things indeed, Tess! I’m glad you liked the photo 🙂

  5. I agree Tess. This is to date my favorite picture series of Molly.

    Sister Molly Ignatious, I think I need you to get out your ruler. I’ve been a little naughty…


  6. Oh, my ruler is always at the ready, JanieBelle.

    I do believe I need to consider more photo shoots where I actually have, oh, clothing, or lingere … I need to raid a closet or two … any volunteers? Robert? Oh Robert??


  7. Hey! look what I found!



  8. (that’s a link up there)

  9. Wow, how did you do that?

  10. Paint Shop. Do you like it? Can I post it?

  11. Ok, to elaborate a litte:

    First, you have to find a good pic, and this one was just perfect – not too busy, about the right general proportions, nice color. Then you figure out kinda where the big Playboy logo is going to go, and which part of the subject’s body is going to be in front of the logo.

    Then you have to very carefully cut out that part by hand, making sure not to grab background pixels, but getting a generous amount of the subject that wouldn’t be under the logo.

    Use that cutout to make a new image with a transparent background, and put it off to the side.

    Put in the logo. (Find the closest fonts, etc. It helps to have a real cover to look at while you’re doing all this.)

    Take that transparent image you made before, and copy it, then paste it back on the original.

    Smooth and blend the edges a little (not too much!) by hand, to catch any stray background pixels, then use an edge smoother (again, NOT TOO MUCH or it looks like crap!).

    Voila, you are now on the cover of Playboy, with the requisite partial blockage of the logo.

    It’s exactly the same trick to put your fingers over your name, like you’re peeking around it.

    I forgot to put the bunny on, though. I have another version, where I found a picture of someone’s bunny tattoo and put it on your thigh, but I don’t like how it turned out, so I’m still searching.


  12. Oh, P.S.

    When you’re cutting out that portion of the image that you’ll use later, the reason you want to grab a good amount of the subject that won’t be behind the logo is that you’ll need to have some edges, lines, etc. to line it up when you paste it back on.

  13. Same trick – a little sloppy, but it’s going to be reduced for the AtBC comic strip, so it’s not an issue:

    Original Image, click here

  14. Hey, what’s he reading there on the desk?

    Doctored Image, for AtBC, The Comic Strip

  15. Oh, please, no bunny tattoos! I don’t have any tattoos … and if I did my first wouldn’t be the bunny 😉

  16. **whining**

    BUT MO-OM! It’s just a LITTLE tattoo!!!!!


    Oh OK.

    No tattoo.

    I’ll think of someplace else to put the bunny.


  17. crap. messed up the end em tag. Sorry.

  18. no problem. i fixed it for you. you know, to keep you from tattooing me 🙂

  19. […] just what we’ll do. Plus, giving Molly a peek above our garters is sure to get us a peek above hers. Well, that’s more like a long stare, […]

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