The Broker: A Breaking-in Story, part 9

I turn back to Jay whose hands, still cuffed together but no longer attached to anything else, have found his own cock. “Who, exactly, gave you permission to touch yourself,” I demand. He smiles coyly. “But Molly, you were rather occupied. I didn’t think you’d mind,” he responds. I move back to my spot between his legs. David comes to stand behind me.

“Does that feel good, jerking yourself off while your ass is filled with a heavy steel plug?” Jay blushes. I tug gently on the handle of the plug and he moans. I rock it forward and back. I turn my head to David and kiss him lightly on the shoulder. “Would you please uncuff your friend? He might want better use of his hands.”

David fumbles a moment with the clip on the cuffs and then frees Jay’s hands, which waste no time in returning to his cock. I continue rocking the plug forward and back in his ass. I slather more lube on my gloved fingers and start to massage around the tightly filled hole. He groans and his fingers massage the head of his cock through his foreskin.

I start to withdraw the plug. As the widest part stretches his asshole he gasps. “Don’t you dare come yet,” I warn him and he drops his hands to his sides as I slide the steel out slowly.

I motion for David to come back to me. He stands behind me again. I tear open a condom wrapper and hand it to him. “Put this on for me,” I instruct. He rolls the condom down my cock. I ask for his hand. He holds it out and I squirt lube onto his palm. “Get me good and wet,” I tell him, and he begins to rub the lube over my cock. I lean back against him enjoying the sight of his hand on my cock, and the pressure of its base being pushed against my body. He smells like salt and sunshine and laundry soap and I breathe in his scent while he gets me ready.

At the same time, I am keeping Jay ready. I’ve slid two fingers back into his ass and he is much more open and relaxed than he was before. I draw them back out and slide the head of my cock up against his ass. I run the slick tip of it from the base of his balls down to his tight little hole and circle it around there. My cock is about as wide as the plug and a good bit longer and I want to see his face as he receives the sensation of being penetrated so deeply. “Look at me,” I tell him. His eyes meet mine and I use one hand to guide my cock while the other grabs his hip. I feel the resistance, he puts his hand on mine, and then I feel the pop of moving past the tight ring of muscle, and then the slow easy slide as he takes the entire length into his body. We hold eye contact as I draw my hips back, pulling nearly all the way out of him, and then sliding slowly forward again. He figures out that long, slow deep breaths feel good and I match my movement to the rhythm of his breathing.

I don’t take my eyes off of his for a minute. I watch the intensity of the new sensations register on his face. Slowly I slide in and then slowly I slide out. With long, smooth, even strokes I fuck him while watching his eyes the entire time. His hands have loosened their grip on the sides of the bench and he is relaxing into the opening and expanding of his body.

David reaches around me and holds our bodies close together. He buries his head in my neck and laps at my collar bone. I have both hands on Jay’s hips now and I pull him tight onto my cock. I rock there for a moment, the curve of my cock pressing upward deep inside his body. Then: drawing back out as he inhales, sliding deep inside as he exhales, my fingernails digging into Jay’s hips, David’s mouth on my neck, we find a groove that all three of us fall into for a spell.

Then I feel David’s hand sliding down my body and I feel fingers stroking my cunt, which is dripping wet. His thumb makes tight circles around my clit. My pace quickens, my grip on Jay’s hips tightens, and David begins to fuck me, relentlessly, with his fingers. Now I am not sliding into Jay, I am thrusting. Faster. Harder. Not bothering to pull out so far on each stroke, my energy in an down and deep and hard. Jay is pushing back against me, feet braced on the bench, hips raised to meet my thrusts, his entire body as taut as piano wire. One hand has returned to his cock and he is jerking himself off. His eyes have fluttered closed and his breathing isn’t long and slow but rather a series of ragged moans and gasps. His moans become inarticulate calls and I can tell he’s close to coming and David’s fingers don’t let up let up and Jay comes in a burst of obscenities and a creamy white plume and I come with nails digging into his flesh and cunt pulsating against David’s fingers and then for a moment we are all still.

But only for a moment.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on April 25, 2007.

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