Molly’s first sonnet wins a contest!

I’m so excited! I won my very first poetry contest. I submitted a sonnet to U Dream of Janie’s “‘twixt her naked breasts” contest and I won! (The only other poem in the contest was pretty good so I’m really pleased 🙂 )

Here is a very slightly edited version of my winning poem. (The original is here.)

Resting comfortably ‘tween her naked breasts,
The cane appears so innocent and spare.
Peacefully exhausted is my lover, lying there
To be admired, endurance passed all tests.
And turning then, I thank our gathered guests
The ones who took this opportunity, so rare
To watch me torment one for whom I care
So deeply. Is it strange that I am not distressed
About the pain I cause my love to feel? And
Yet the blood I let is mine. As if the same
Flesh that clothes her back also clothes my hand:
The hand that held the cane, descending as she came;
That brought her peace through pain and difficult command;
And touched her gently then. Wild, cruel, now tame.

Now, I owe Janie a post! Suggestions?? (I’ve got some ideas, don’t worry! But I always love to consider new possibilities!)

~ by Molly Montrevoir on March 16, 2007.

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