A Birthday Feast, part 18, the final installment

And now, three weeks after JanieBelle’s birthday, Andale tells the end of the story. I think poor Janie knew not what she was asking for when she made her wishes, but judging by her own account in part 17, she seems to have enjoyed the ride.

andale.jpgThere is one last item in my picnic set that hasn’t been brought out and before the scene before me ends, I move quickly to the ice box and plunge my hand into the depths of freezing ice and water. I gasp at the coldness that surrounds my hand. Gritting my teeth against the freezing pain, I grip the glass shaft laying at the bottom of the icy depths. Freezing cold glass in hand I take a step and kneel behind the lovely Kate. Bare assed, her face and fingers buried deeply inside her lover. I cup my hand over the warmth of her cunt and listen for her moan, rubbing gently with the heel of my hand, a finger tickling the opening of her anus gently. I wait for her to begin rubbing her cunt against my hand before moving it away again and laying the frozen glass cock against the warmth of her outer lips. My own freezing fingers resting against her sun-warmed flesh. She gasps, pulling her mouth away from Janie, who plunges her hips forward trying to reclaim her lovers mouth on her cunt. I slide my hand up the back of Kate’s neck, directing her to lower her face again, panting and whimpering a little she complies. I stroke the cock gently against her outer lips, lubing it up before laying the head gently against her opening. I know the dilemma she must now be feeling, the freezing cold of the glass cock warming with her need to be filled. Her hips move against the head a little and then away quickly. The third time I give her no choice and as her hips come back tentatively to press against the head, I plunge it deep inside her, my other hand still pressed lightly against the back of her head.

Molly’s moans begin to fill my ears, the air is full of our musky scent. Janie cums first her body arching and writhing as her body shudders. I must wonder if that hasn’t quieted that hum of hers at last. I move my hand faster, plunging the glass cock in and out of Kate’s cunt, my other hand now stroking and circling her clit and lips. I laugh triumphantly, exultantly, as I she raises her head finally from Janie’s sopping cunt and cries out, to be joined by Molly. I feel like the head priestess of some archaic cult as waves of energy, sound, the smell of sex fills our secluded beach. The ultimate end to a ritual feast.

Slowly the energy begins to calm down, a puddle of giggling, panting woman lay stretched out in the sun. Sighs of joy escape lips. We lay there soaking up the warmth, each others presence, reveling in the thoughts and feelings of what we have done.

“Should we set her free now?” asks a sated Molly as she idly caresses Janie’s face. Kate, who collapsed between Janie’s legs, head resting on her stomach asks if we have to. All eyes turn to me, innocent questioning in Molly’s eyes, playful bitch in Kate’s and pleading victim in Janie’s. For answer I simply begin to untie one ankle, slowly, caressing the skin to ease the return of blood. Janie shudders again under our attentions, removing the restraints, tender caresses and massage of her battered body, she’ll have dozens of little bruises on her back and ass from that rock I’m sure.

I stand, stretch and declare “time for a swim girls” and shuck my clothes quickly, rushing towards the cool waves, crashing into the surf, letting it wrap around and consume me before my entire body is covered by those of these other vixens. In a mass of laughter and limbs we fall together into the oncoming waves.

A Birthday Feast, part 18, written by Andale. To read the story in its entirety, click here. I recommend reading only a few pieces at a time, though!

~ by Molly Montrevoir on March 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “A Birthday Feast, part 18, the final installment”

  1. Andale dear, the story could not have been closed any better.

    Thank you my lovelies for such a wonderful birthday present. It’s just what I wanted.

    Kisses. Long, deep, wet, passionate kisses.

  2. JanieBelle,

    You are more than welcome. As we discovered, you are absolutely delicious! I suspect we got more pleasure out of fulfilling your wish than you got out of having your wishes fulfilled 🙂

    Looking forward to your next birthday — and what on earth will we do when you turn 21????


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