A Birthday Feast, part 16

kategodiva.jpgBy the time my mouth first finds its way to Janie’s inner thighs, she is writhing and panting, desperate for release. Soft cries of pleading escape her throat in wordless begging. She is unable to form words as her mouth is full of Molly’s pussy, and Molly is meeting my gaze as she is being eaten alive. Seeing her taking what she needs from my Lover, and watching her devour Andale’s breast in turn is driving me insane. I tease Janie with my icy tongue, running it along her thighs, around the lips of her dripping cunt, everywhere but where she wants it. She squirms fiercely against her bonds in an effort to force her clit to find me.

The cube of ice in my mouth is melting quickly though, and I can’t tease her for very long. When contact is finally made, her back arches high into the air, and it almost seems like she is torn between her need to be fulfilled and her need to escape the wintery icicle that is my tongue.

I make the decision for her, and use both hands to hold her hips in place against the altar she’s laying on as I suck the entire top of her cunt into my mouth. Once the ice is gone she no longer resists, and grinds with all the force her restrictions will allow against my face. I use my tongue and my lips and my teeth to suck and lick and nibble at her clit, and not so very gently.

I am filled with my own need as I watch Andale shudder and stiffen, her cunt full of Molly’s hand, her hands full of Molly’s hair. She yanks Molly’s head roughly away from her breast, her climax escapes her lips as though Molly’s sucking had held it in place and now released, it had nowhere else to go.

I give my Lover no warning before I stab two fingers forcefully inside her, and she tenses involuntarily for a moment, then begins to grind again against me as I fuck her hard with my fingers. I close my eyes and add two more fingers to the pounding rhythm that is rocking Janie’s body. I do not need to see to know that Molly finds her own orgasm shortly thereafter, the air is so full of her voice.

Janie’s insistent bucking suddenly ceases as she comes hard against my hand and she nearly escapes my mouth. Rather than stop though, my own rhythm continues at the same furious pace until I am suddenly startled by something cold and hard against my own cunt.

My head releases my Lover from her tortuous orgasm of its own accord, but only for a moment as it is forced back into her cunt and I am entered hard from behind.

A Birthday Feast, part 16, written by Kate. Part 17 to come soon, and the final installment very shortly thereafter. To see the whole story so far, click here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on March 6, 2007.

One Response to “A Birthday Feast, part 16”

  1. Oh my. Can I see you in the bedroom for a minute, my Love?

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