A Birthday Feast, part 14

andale.jpgTogether the three of us lower our mouths to consume our dessert. Three tongues licking, three mouths sucking, nipples and cunt devoured as one small figure arches in pleasure at the contact. My tongue quests over the nipple, removing the last trace of mint chocolate to reveal the light pink skin of Janie’s aureole. I flick my tongue over the tightly puckered skin, adoring the ridges around the base of her nipple. I raise my head to meet Molly’s eyes and whisper a command for her to remove her tight little shorts. She bites her lip, torn between taking her mouth away from our dessert and knowing what I want. I smile at her, innocent and evil and win. She stands and quickly rips open the button fly, sliding her hands down the sides of the shorts, straight legged she pushes them down over her shapely legs.

As I watch her white skin, glistening with sweat and glowing with sunlight I stand, stepping over our bound beauty and reach for the final treasure in my picnic basket, butterscotch brandy syrup. I stand behind her, reaching around to cup a breast, taking a nipple lightly between my fingers. Her head falls back and to the side and I bury my teeth and lips into the exposed flesh, devouring the smell and taste of her skin while my free hand pours the sticky sweet syrup between her breasts. She shudders in my arms, gasping as she realises what I’ve done. A long sticky trail inches its way down her breast bone, over her stomach and begins to collect around her cunt, I pour until I see droplets escape to the sandy ground. With one last nip at her neck, I lead her to stand straddling Janie who is writhing as best she can from her lovers attentions. “Kate, slowly, slowly, it’s too nice a job to rush” I admonish. Kate’s fierce devouring of Janie’s cunt is slowed, a little, the poor girl screaming her frustration and I think now is the time to gag her thoroughly. I press lightly on Molly’s shoulder and she willingly drops to her knees filling JanieBelle’s mouth with her butterscotch brandy cunt.

Janie’s eyes roll back in her head and her eyes close as she begins to make short work of my Molly. It was, after all, only fair to allow Janie a little dessert too. I’m filled with desire and wonder. A great sense of beauty is laid out before me, a feast for eyes and senses. How has the world worked and conspired to allow me to witness such a scene? What good did I do in my past lives to be granted this amazing boon?

A Birthday Feast, part 14, written by Andale. For all parts of the story so far, click here.


~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 28, 2007.

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