A Birthday Feast, part 12

mollyinthemirror.jpgI suck Kate’s fingers into my mouth and am awash in the flavor of her arousal while she is tasting Janie on my fingers, her tongue twining itself around them, making sure to absorb every bit of her lover that my skin can transmit. Our eyes lock, for a moment, and my senses feel as fully engaged as they have ever been: I hear the sea crashing with its constant dull roar, I smell the salt air mingling with the salt of sweat and desire on our bodies. I taste the slick musky juice on Kate’s fingers. I feel the sun warming my skin and the breeze cooling it a the same moment. My fingers are engulfed in the warm wet tight space created by Kate’s tongue and the top of her mouth, and note how hard she is sucking against them. For a moment I imagine those lips on my breasts, I imagine them sucking at the folds of my cunt, sucking my clit like a tiny cock.

It is just a moment, though. And in the next moment my attention is drawn over Kate’s shoulder to where Janie lies on her rock, and I see Andale, unpacking dessert and purring something to Janie as she does. I catch her glance and smile with my eyes as I drag Kate’s fingers over my teeth, extracting them from my mouth. I put my hand on Kate’s ass and propel her toward the final course of our feast.

Andale has laid everything out: I see two pints of dark red strawberries. A bunch of grapes, each one glistening like a small green marble. Bars of luscious dark chocolate. A mango. A bunch of bananas. A bottle of something called Ice Magic, flavor mint chocolate. A lighter. And somehow, a small cooler of ice.

As we get closer I hear the words Andale is saying to Janie: “I know you want more, beautiful, and more you shall have. But you will have it at my pace.” Janie’s eyes flash at the challenge explicit in Andale’s tone and I swear she appears nearly defiant for a moment. She smiles sweetly at Andale and I cringe as I hear her dare my lover to see how slow she can pace herself. She doesn’t know just how much sexual tension Andale can stand before giving in. I know, and I, right now, am nearing the edge of my tolerance.

Meeting Andale’s eyes I pick up the lighter. She nods and I shift my gaze to Janie. She is staring at the lighter. One part fear, one part intrigue, one part challenge — that is what her lookconveys . I choose a bar of thick dark chocolate and flick-start the lighter. I hold the flame under the corner of the chocolate and watch as it begins to melt. Hot dark splotches land in a line between Janie’s breastbone and the thatch of blond hair between her legs. Each drop of molten chocolate makes her body flinch. I hand Andale a strawberry and she drags it through the chocolate, the rough skin of the berry smearing chocolate on the smooth skin of Janie’s stomach. Andale licks the chocolate off the berry so teasingly I can feel my clit swell. Then Andale leans over and licks at the smear of chocolate. Her lips and tongue sooth and inflame. Janie sighs. I meet Janie’s eyes again as I bring the lighter to the chocolate. I let the melting chocolate drip onto her nipples. Janie flinches and cries out. Kate bends over one breast, and I, over the other. And Janie writhes under the heat of the chocolate, the soft firmness of our tongues, and the sharpness of our teeth. When we have licked and sucked them clean, they are as hard and as red as the strawberries in the carton beside her.

“You must be terribly hot, darling,” purrs Andale coming very close to Janie’s ear. Janie’s look is the most conflicted I have every seen. It is at the same time excited, wary, impatient and uncertain. Andale, moving slowly before, now moves quickly to add a new sensation: cold. She has an ice cube in each hand and begins drawing them over Janie’s overstimulated nipples, expanding her circles slowly outward. I see trickles of ice water dripping down the sides of her breasts. Janie’s back arches, and she gasps at the cold. Andale brings the ice back to Janie’s nipples, pressing them, hard. Janie seems about to protest, when Andale pops one of the ice cubes into Janie’s mouth, effectively quieting her. She drizzles chocolate mint sauce over Janie’s breasts, and the sauce, in contact with the cold skin, hardens into a perfect casting of our beauty’s nipples. Andale rubs her remaining ice cube over the hardened chocolate for good measure. Janie struggles with the ice cube in her mouth, and Kate comes to her lover’s assistance with a deep kiss that draws the ice into her own mouth. Janie gasps, this time for breath, and Kate, holding the ice cube in her mouth, moves around the rock and stands between Janie’s legs. As I watch her lower her mouth to Janie’s cunt I admire the deeply entwined combination of compassion and sadism that Kate has brought to our devouring of her lover.

Part 12 of A Birthday Feast, written by Molly. Part 13 to come soon. To read the entire story — so far — click here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 25, 2007.

3 Responses to “A Birthday Feast, part 12”

  1. mmmm… Overstimulation never tasted so good, I imagine.

    Do go on!

  2. I’ll be sure to tell you aaaaalllllll about it, Lover.


  3. amazing… left me grasping for more

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