A Birthday Feast, part 9

andale.jpgThere is nothing so wonderful in the world as watching the emotions of another flicker across their face in rapid succession. Eagerly I devour the look of interest, wonderment, joy, curiosity and inspiration on Kate’s face as she fondles my atheme. A perfectly created pice of art, designed and constructed by the delicious Shalimar for just this type of use. It’s not often I let others play with this blade, but this time I knew what its effect might be and I wanted the show.

Two things I adore in this world, naked women and good food, both should be devoured slowly, never rushed, never hastened along, they must be contemplated on, consumed slowly, decadently. “Now, with these cheeses we have a wonderful bottle of Pinot Noir, and this my dears, is how you consume such a picnic as this.” I reach into the basket and withdraw a specially constructed wine glass, rather then a flat table base it has a pointed end designed for sticking into the ground or… Gently I ease open Janie’s mouth and place the stem of the glass between her teeth. Her eyes grow wide but she settles her teeth and lips around the glasses stem. Once I start to fill the glass, I know she will have to use her tongue to help hold the glass up. I pour. The glass wobbles, threatening to tumble from the girl’s lips and I wonder if this will end too soon but she steadies it. “Good girl” I purr and caress the side of her face.

As gracefully as one can while kneeling, I move around behind Kate. I slide my hand up her back, over her shoulder and down her arm placing my hand over hers. I guide her to take hold of the knife again. My chest pressed against her sun warmed back, as one we slice the first sliver of blue cheese. The knife brushing Janie’s skin as it reaches the bottom of the block, the morsel lays quietly beside the belly button of our platter. Again we raise the knife and this time I guide it to the quince paste laying innocently between Janie’s breasts. I glance up briefly to see Molly licking her lips, her breathing a little faster. Together Kate and I slide the blade under the light quince paste, the cool blade against her soft skin makes Janie moan and tremble, the wine threatens to spill over and I pause in anticipation. She controls it again and I’m pleased but also a little disappointed.

I guide Kate to lay the quince onto the sliver of blue cheese and as we slide the knife under this little morsel of food, I slide my other hand around to the front of Kate and down the front of her skirt. She shudders, Molly gasps and giggles. “Perhaps Molly would like the first taste?” I whisper into Kate’s ear before I nibble the tip of it, my fingers playing in the curl mass of public hair. I pull my mouth from Kate’s ear for a moment, “Oh and Janie dear, just so you know, I’ve slipped my hand down the front of your lover’s skirt.” I say this just as Molly leans forward to lightly take the cheese from the dagger’s point. I know that Janie will respond in the usual way and on cue she tries to lift her head, remembering the wine too late, it washes over the sides of the glass to splash a little over her face and pool so nicely in the embrasure of her throat. “And now you may drink Molly.”

In a flash Molly is at Janie’s throat, covering it with her mouth. One must simply slurp one’s wine in this situation and Molly makes quick work of it, licking the former vessel clean. I don’t want to rein her back in yet so I let her clean up all the wine. I haven’t been idle in this short interlude, and I can tell by the little panting breaths coming from Kate that my fingers are having their desired effect. I slide both my hands free of her body and she mew of disappointment escapes her lips stilled quickly as my fingers begin to unbutton her light blouse. I feel a shiver run through her body and smile to myself. “You may continue to slice the cheese now Kate.” Eagerly she extends her hand to caress it along her lover’s body once more.

A Birthday Feast, part 9, written by Andale. Part 10 to come soon! To see all parts of the story so far, click here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “A Birthday Feast, part 9”

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  2. Forgive me, Dear Andale. My hands are shaking. It’s sensual in the extreme.

    I’m honestly having trouble finding the right words to describe this. Or the effect it has on me.

    “Magnificent” hardly does you justice.

  3. She’s good, our darling Andale, isn’t she? She thinks of the most delightful torments!

  4. She does indeed!

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