A Birthday Feast, part 8

kategodiva.jpgI’m somewhat out of my element here. I’ve done these more formal types of meals before, but rarely. I think the secret is to relax, smile, and play follow the leader. A goof is usually easily overlooked if you enjoy yourself and relax.

Molly and Andale make it very easy for me to relax. Honestly, I’m much too distracted by them to really worry too much about it.

I watch as Molly dips the fist piece of bread in the oil well she’s made and uses the bread like an instrument of torture, tracing it along my Lover’s body, picking up spices, then ripping into it in a way that doesn’t leave any question as to how hungry she is, or what’s she’s hungry for. It ain’t the bread.

This is going to be a lot of fun, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. As we each take our turns with the little pieces of bread, it almost becomes a game of skill. Each piece of bread is dipped in oil, traced along some part of Janie’s body, dragged through the spices now covering much of her chest, and eaten in a more sensual way than the last.

By the time I get to my last piece, I’m wanting a different spice. Since it’s not time for that yet though, I decide to settle for a taste of my Lover’s mouth, and I barter for a kiss with my last piece of bread. Bread, oil, tongues, teeth, lips, spice, and breath all mix and mingle in a kiss that almost drives me over the edge. I’m almost a little dizzy from the whole thing.

As I stand back up, I see I have become the leader now, and Andale and Molly the followers. Watching these two kiss my Lover the way they do, I have never been this ready to cum without having even been touched. All too quickly, they finish, and I am again the follower, helping Andale to unpack all sorts of strange and wonderfully smelling things from the baskets.

As we lay out the table, I’m fascinated by one particular knife. This is no cheap piece of silverware. It is well crafted. I turn it over in my hands, and twirl it between my fingers. It’s perfectly balanced, and much sharper than I would have expected. This blade was loved by its creator. No way it was mass produced.

It’s perfectly shaped for its job, and the handle reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on for a second. And then it comes to me. It reminds me of one of those paintings by that O’Keeffe lady. It’s a flowery shape which isn’t meant to be a flower at all. It’s a pussy. It’s Janie’s pussy.

When I realize just how much it reminds me of my Lover’s swollen lips, I can’t help but compare the two, and I’m flushed from the top of my head to the ends of my toes when I see how eerily similar the two are. As I lay the knife beside my Lover’s body, gently brushing the back of the blade against her skin as I do, I wonder if this knife has brought the same thoughts to Molly and Andale.

When I turn to look back at Andale, I don’t even have to ask. Bringing this knife is no accident, and it’s handle is no coincidence.

This knife will be put to good uses.

A Birthday Feast, part 8, written by Kate. Part 9 coming soon. To see all the pieces of A Birthday Feast, click here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 20, 2007.

10 Responses to “A Birthday Feast, part 8”

  1. This story is getting so arousing that the post itself had a premature eruption!


  2. Molly, were you copying and pasting with one hand?

    I hope I know what your other hand was up to!


  3. I had both hands on the keyboard the whole time. Of course I can’t say where W. Merganser’s hands might have been 😉

  4. Now that gives me an idea…

    Sitting around together, taking turns reading the chapters of the story to each other, a little wine,

    As if the story wasn’t hot enough just reading it!

    (whew, I think we need to turn the air conditioner on in here!)


  5. What a lovely idea, JanieBelle. I think I’d enjoy hearing your voice reading about the things we’ll do to you… I think that would require more than simple air conditioning 😉

  6. I think I just read that WP now has some kind of audio widget…

  7. Hmm… if no physical body, no vocal cords… unless you’ve got some you can borrow . I want to hear the tremors in Janie’s voice as she takes her turn reading about the delicious tortures and pleasures that we shall inflict upon her.

  8. Maybe we could auditions. We’ll have some fava beans and a nice chianti…

    Oh wait.



  9. That wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you said “borrow” the vocal chords, was it?


  10. No, not exactly what I had in mind …. though it does fit in nicely with the “slow devouring of Janie” thread, I must say.

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