A Birthday Feast, part 7

mollyinthemirror.jpgAndale is right to rein me in sometimes and slow me down. It’s true that I am prone to go to fast. I rush. I overwhelm. I can be relentless. I am glad for her discipline in this moment as I drizzle olive oil into the mysterious little hollow that is Janie’s navel. I watch, entranced, as the oil spills out onto her light golden skin. I tear myself away to place a mound of dark golden brown spice between her breasts. And, ravenous as I am, having already asked, impatiently even, if we can begin, I am now momentarily at a loss. I look at the beauty spread before me and am caught up short. I don’t know where to begin.

My index finger, I suddenly realize, has indeed been tracing a spiral through the oil on Janie’s belly. I have traced a little spot along the diagonal between her belly button and her hip bone. A good place to begin, I decide. Looking into her eyes, glittering as they are in the sun, I take a small triangle of bread from her thigh and drag it through the oil I’ve unconsciously spread from her hip to her navel. Never breaking our gaze, I dip the oiled bread in the Egyptian spices nestled in a small pile between her breasts. The scent of coriander and cumin mixed with roasted hazelnut mingles with the scent of the ocean and the energy surging between us.

I tear the bread with my teeth, holding her gaze, though wanting very much to take in her body again. Kate and Andale seem amused by the sudden intensity of my first bite, and a giggle from outside my field of vision sends the moment off in a more playful direction.

Now we are each taking turns tickling Janie with triangles of flat bread, spreading oil along her body and massaging it into her skin as we go. I watch Kate dip her bread and then, trace the tip of the triangle along the inside of one long, stretched leg, tracing the curve of the calf and the taut muscle of the thigh, lightly skipping across the crease where thigh meets body, picking up more oil and then dipping into the spice, before she pops the piece between her lips, tongue darting out to lick them clean. I watch Andale, diagonally across our gorgeous “table,” take a triangle from near Janie’s wrist and brush it along the inside of her arm from edge of her pinky finger to the hollow of her elbow to the very ticklish skin inside her upper arm, then brush down the side of her breast and over the arch of her lowest rib, before swirling it in the oil at tiny little “well” and then into the spice. Meeting my awestruck gaze, gold and blue flecks dance in her eyes as she tears the bread with her teeth.

We play and eat like this until the bread is nearly gone. Then, Kate takes her last triangle, holding it between her teeth, offers it to her lover. Andale and I stand and admire as the thoughtful act turns into a deep and passionate kiss. I watch as Andale drags her last piece in a neat circle around Janie’s belly button and then, taking a dab at the spices, she too offers her morsel to Janie. Seeing Andale’s commanding presence bending to the beauty on the rock, I sigh. I take my final piece of bread and run it in one long sweep from the top edge of the blond hair curling between Janie’s legs, up the center line of her body and pick up the last of the spices between her breasts. I offer a bite to Andale and a bite to Kate. I swallow the last and then bend to kiss the soft pink lips of our captive. It is a long, deep, insistent kind of kiss. When she releases me — can it be that she is doing the releasing? she who is bound so completely? — we move on to our second course.

I see that Kate and Andale have begun unpacking an array of cheeses, some, like brie, which will need a bit of warming, and others, a wedge of sharp cheddar which will certainly need to be cut into smaller pieces. I see Andale set out the pear paste. And I see Kate lay a knife beside her lover.

A Birthday Feast, part 7, written by Molly. Part 7 to come soon! To see all pieces of the story, click here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “A Birthday Feast, part 7”

  1. What a perfect way to begin my day!

    I am finding it more and more difficult to concentrate on other things. Each chapter of this story is better than the last, and my thoughts are continually pulled back here.

    The sensuality of this part has touched me most of all so far.

    I am so not getting anything productive done today.

    Thank you for this story, all of you. It’s the best birthday present I believe I have ever gotten.

  2. I suspect *all* our productivity is flagging these days … No matter. How often does such an opportunity arise šŸ˜‰

    Meanwhile, off to get *something* of non-erotic value done … at least for a little while šŸ˜‰


  3. Oh my god, I hate to admit it, but this story really turned me on!

  4. They are very good at making a girl wet whetting a girl’s appetite, aren’t they?

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