A Birthday Feast, part 6

andale.jpgI know Molly will try to load all the picnic food onto Janie as quickly as possible. She’s not so good at drawing things out that girl, but I’ve planned a picnic of several removes and I’m not rushing it. “Molly dear, some instruction on the proper serving of picnics. Firstly, the bottle of olive oil you have placed so nicely against Janie’s side should actually be opened. If she has an “inny” you can pour the oil into her belly button and let it overflow onto her sweet stomach, if she has an “outey” just place the lid and fill to overflowing. The Dukkah may be poured in a nice pile between her breasts. Katie, if you wouldn’t mind cutting the flat bread into triangles and placing them along the arms and legs please.” I move to stand at Janie’s head where we had found Kate on arrival. I feel the video camera’s on us, the twinkling red eye glinting as it silently begins to record or date.

The breeze around my legs and up my skirt is deliciously cool. I feel the soft fabric of my skirts flick gently about me and know that our bound beauty must be able to see glimpses at what I’m not wearing under it. I survey the finishes to the first course prep, admiring Kate’s deft control over the sharp knife and the little squirms Janie is trying so valiantly to hide. I find Molly’s face and wait for her to feel my gaze, she smiles up at me, radiant, her green eyes glittering the anticipation and hunger. I smile at her and watch as she absently begins to swirl her finger over Janie’s sun warmed and oil slicked stomach “Can we eat now?” Is there a note of pleading there? “But of course!” I exclaim and feel the energy around me surge from all of us. I wonder if the little gush of moisture between my legs is echoed by these three luscious women before me, from the flush in their cheeks I’m sure it is.

A Birthday Feast, part 6, written by Andale. Part 7, by Molly, to come soon! To see all pieces of the story, click here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “A Birthday Feast, part 6”

  1. I have now read this six seven times, and all I can say is

    Eat Me. Please. Hurry!

    (And I most definitely do have an inny, waiting to be filled with oil.)

    And the gush of moisture between my own legs right now is most definitely not ‘little’.

    Just so y’know.

  2. Janie, Janie, we won’t hurry. There are, as Andale tries to keep reminding me, several courses to this picnic. (Did you see how she assumed I’d just dump all the food on top of you at once? I would not have! Well, not quite all of it… Anyway, we’re only just laying out the first one! We haven’t even *begun* to eat yet!

    Of course if you’re getting bored, or if you’re uncomfortable there on your rock, we should probably assign you a safeword or something … you know, that would have been the responsible thing to do before beginning I suppose … But then, I’m sure Kate knows your safeword.

    She does, doesn’t she?

  3. We do have one, but it’s mostly for …friends… who might need it.


    I trust you all completely.

    I am neither bored nor uncomfortable. Merely being driven slowly, ever so slowly, mad in the most pleasurable of ways.

    Do continue.


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