A Birthday Feast, part 5

A Birthday Feast, part 5

kategodiva.jpgIt takes me almost twenty minutes to get my Lover ready. She asks too many questions sometimes. But every time she does, I just kiss her and smile. By the time she is safely secured to the altar rock, she is exactly how I like her. Her eyes are closed and her hair hangs over the edge of the altar. She is biting her lip and her nipples are as hard as the rock she is laying on.

Truth is, so are mine. I inspect the ropes at her feet, and see the growing wetness under her ass on the rock. Her hum is nearly in full force. The three borrowed video cameras are secured on their tripods and sandbagged in case of wind. I walk around to her head to inspect the view from the top, and am enjoying the view and the feel of the gentle breeze as it caresses my own moistening pussy, and brushes the little cover-up across my nipples when I hear the slightest footstep at the end of the path.

It is easy to tell which one is Molly, even from this little distance, and even though I have never met either of them in person. She is the one with the same look of surprise that Janie now wears. Surprise, and slightly confused delight.

Out of habit born of a few years in the Corps, I extend my hand and introduce myself. The gentle femininity that Andale has as she takes my hand and kisses it surprises me. Her kiss shifts my mind into a more appropriate gear. I smile and listen to the playful music in her voice as she makes her promise to Janie, and take in her body with my eyes when she turns to Molly and asks about devouring her. I am not subtle in my perusal of her charms.

When Molly speaks, there is something more in her voice. There is hunger. There is the ravenous hunger of a predator with dinner in sight. She has the smile to match. She has definitely gotten over her surprise.

I help Andale spread out the blankets, and as Molly bends over to begin unpacking the baskets they have brought, she is sure to give me all the best views. I am not one to turn such things away, and I drink in every inch of her form from every angle she offers. She is even more beautiful and lucious in person than she is on the screen of our computer at home.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but these two women in hand are worth thousands of pictures of bush… or however that goes.

I click the red button on the remote.

It is time for the picnic to begin.

A Birthday Feast, part 5, written by Kate. Part 6, written by Andale, coming soon! To read all the parts of A Birthday Feast, click here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 17, 2007.

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  1. You.

    All three of you.

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