A Birthday Feast, part 4

A Birthday Feast, part 4

mollyinthemirror.jpgI smirk at the word “respectable,” but tug my bikini top and my shorts into place all the same. The only other car around is quite a way down the beach road, and the only company we ever have at this beach are one or two couples looking equally for privacy. It’s a perfect spot, our secluded beach: a rocky cove, nearly perfectly half-moon shaped, like a bowl cut out of the rocky coast, and with a fine dark sandy bottom that takes a good twenty minutes of hiking down a rocky path to reach. It’s no wonder that ordinary beach-goers don’t bother with it.

I grab one basket, and toss a blanket over my shoulder. Andale grabs the other, and we make our way down the trail. We’re both temporarily satisfied, ravenous, and giggling as we pick our way around the rocks. “You really weren’t playing fair in the car,” she says to me. “Fair! It’s hardly fair that you get to drive every time! You only do it because it makes you come. And I’m not supposed to get off?” Again we burst into giggles

The last bit of the trail is lined with rather tall reeds growing through the rocks, and shielding the beach even from the path, and as we come ’round to the beach, skidding and giggling down the last bit of slope, I stop short, and gasp, stunned. There, stretched out, naked and beautiful, on the large flat rock that we always joke about turning into our altar to the sea goddesses, there is a woman. More precisely, there are two women, but only one is stretched out on the rock. And she isn’t moving, but she gasps at our appearance. The other woman stands at her head. She is dressed in a rather diaphanous “cover up” that covers very little and enhances everything it does cover.

And somehow neither the woman in the diaphanous cover up nor Andale seems at all surprised by this arrangement. I am immediately suspicious, and delighted. I look again at the woman stretched out on our rock. She is, in fact, bound to it somehow. Her legs are spread and I can see ropes holding them taut, and her arms, likewise, are spread wide, and clearly secured, though I can’t quite make out how. For all the world, she looks like Prometheus bound to his rock, but smiling and with longer hair.

I turn to Andale, who has just stopped short behind me. I feel her arm around my waist as she steps to the side, and walks us both over to these two beautiful women. The standing one extends her hand to Andale and says, “I’m Kate. It’s a pleasure to meet you in person. This is Janie, and I’ve prepared her just as you asked.” Andale raises Kates hand to her lips and kisses it graciously. “Thank you Kate,” she says, rather formally. “And Janie, you look lovely laid out for us like that. Kate has told us about your hum. By the time you are released from your rock I think we’ll have quieted it a bit.” And turning to me, with her Cheshire Cat grin, she says “Molly, you do think we can devour this delectable morsel in addition to all we’ve brought, don’t you?”

Visions of Janie, spread with fruit, cheese, wine, and chocolate swim in my imagination and I smile at Andale and Kate and say, “Oh, yes, I don’t think we’ll let anything go to waste.”

A Birthday Feast, part 4, written by Molly. For part 5 click here. To see all the pieces of this story, click here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 16, 2007.

13 Responses to “A Birthday Feast, part 4”

  1. What a perfectly lovely surprise!

    I’m beginning to hum again.

    Please don’t keep me waiting so long!

    (And don’t let anything go to waste!)


    Hungry kisses, aching-to-be-devoured Kisses.

    Biting-my-lip-until-it-bleeds Kisses.

  2. Beginning to hum again? Beginning?? Oh, Janie, really. If you’re only just “beginning,” certainly we need to allow even more time between posts, to let your excitement build!

    And don’t let those precious lips bleed too much. I’m sure we’ll be needing them later!

  3. No please! I beg. I kneel and beg. I kneel and serve and beg.

    I promise to go easy on the lips.

    Well, the ones on my face, anyway.

    Kneeling, Serving, Naked, and Begging,


  4. I leave the decisions about timing in Andale’s capable hands. She is the one with greater discipline and more sense about these things. Had it been left to me, my undisciplined self might have given you everything all at once πŸ˜‰

    And we wouldn’t want that, would we?

  5. I’m pretty good with having her kneeling, serving, naked and begging.

    “Just so y’know”


  6. Hey!

    You are so NOT gonna get it! (“if you know what I mean, and I think you do!”)

    Molly, could you and Andale make sure she doesn’t even get any even in the story?

    ( Have I mentioned how much I love your picture at the top of the post? How beautiful your breasts are, what I’d like to do with them, or how I’d unbutton those jeans with my teeth? Yes. I’m totally sucking up (pardon the pun) so you’ll make sure Kate doesn’t get any, but it happens to be true, as well! )

    You are so in trouble, Kate.

  7. You keep quoting DAJ and you will wind up a celebate old lady y’know.


    “How do you like them tangelos?”


  8. A few things:
    “No please! I beg. I kneel and beg. I kneel and serve and beg.
    I promise to go easy on the lips.
    Well, the ones on my face, anyway.
    Kneeling, Serving, Naked, and Begging,

    WOW, and we haven’t even started things warming up yet! As too going easy on the lips on your face – my sweet Janie, if you dare to go easy on the lips I put on your face I’ll flog you so soundly you’ll think that the darling Kate is a gentle as a snow flake.

    “I’m pretty good with having her kneeling, serving, naked and begging.
    β€œJust so y’know”

    I’m with you there Kate πŸ˜‰

    I have a new fantasy at the moment that involves Kate dressed as a nurse looking after me, Janie dressed in a little French Maids outfit cleaning my house and Molly in a kitty suit curled up at my feet *wonders off for some “alone time” *

  9. Janie, thank you so much for the compliment on the photo. And perhaps someday I’ll write about just how much I would enjoy seeing you on your knees unbuttoning my jeans with your teeth….

    But if you think that right now you’re in any position to make demands, I will remind you that you are chained to a rock, at the edge of the beach, and I don’t think any of us checked the tide tables πŸ˜‰

    Andale, you would have loved me three halloweens ago in my cat suit … perhaps if you’re very sweet I’ll send you a photo!

    Kate, all I can say is “I’m not at all surprised.” If I were your lover I’m sure I would be accustomed to kneeling and serving (and begging) as well! I read your story, remember! I know what you did to that priest πŸ˜‰

  10. You two aren’t even warmed up yet?

    I’m definitely “warmed up”. Hot and bothered, in fact.

    Nurses, maids, pussies, biting lips, flogging, kneeling, begging, teeth on jeans, priests, beaches and chains.

    I’m having a tease overload, and Kate is here making it worse.

    My head is going to asplode.

  11. **Looks around innocently**

    Who me?


  12. Whoa! I’m too buzzed to appreciate this. I think I’m going to have to read this over my cheat day – a Sunday morning breakfast filled with a shitload of fat and sin.

    And of course, I’ll digest this post along with it! (And a good cup of French coffee)!

  13. Molly my darling, I’m always sweet πŸ™‚ *bats her eyelids innocently*
    Janie dear, we have you bound naked to a rock, we haven’t even touched you yet, I find that foreplay is so very very important πŸ˜‰

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