A Birthday Feast, part 3

A Birthday Feast, part 3

andale.jpg I ease the car around the curving road, bypassing Sunday drivers when they appear. All my senses are on fire as I cruise at top speed to my selected picnic spot. The feel of the hot leather beneath my naked ass, the purr of engine vibrating through the seat and Molly’s leg stretched across me. It’s quite difficult to keep ones mind on the road when your girlfriend has her head hanging over the edge of the door as her hand explores the folds of her cunt. From the corner of my eye I can see the movement of her hand as she slides, caresses and teases herself. The fresh air is scented with her and my mouth literally waters like one of Pavlov’s well trained puppies.

I ease my foot down and up on the accelerator a little, matching her breathing. I hear the click of the glove box and take my eyes off the road for a second to see her withdraw the glass dildo. I hear myself let out a little “mew” before I look back at the road turning the wheel and easing us back away from the cliff edge, adrenaline coursing through my body.

“Your not playing fair you know” I tell her as her moans get louder as she slides the glass dildo inside, holding it there, filling herself with it for a few seconds before sliding it out again. I feel her increase the speed as she laughs “my darling Andale, you are distracted, this is the only time I get to be so cruel.” My eyes take in the open stretch of road before us, the final leg of our journey, clear, no side streets or driveways here, I drop the pedal and feel the exhilaration of speed and the sounds of Molly cumming beside me. Release washes through my body and I ease of the gas, savoring the currents of electricity racing through my body. I glance over at Molly to see her grinning like a contented cat, deep breath, lick my lips and swing the car around sharply as I almost miss my turn.

“Make yourself respectable my dear, we’re about to arrive.” I ease the car along a dirt track, lush green trees guide us along on either side and I wait for her to catch that first glimpse of my favorite secluded beach.

A Birthday Feast, part 3, written by Andale. For part 4, written by Molly, click here. To see all the pieces of this story, click here.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 15, 2007.

6 Responses to “A Birthday Feast, part 3”

  1. You two are such a pair of teases! I’m licking my own lips!

    I am so stocking the glove box now. 😉

    Officer who just pulled me over: “um.. nevermind ma’am. You can put that back in your hole… I mean put your registration back in your box. I mean, you can have your way… be on your way, I must have been mistaken about your speed setting… I mean get off on the road… I mean… Is your phone number on that license?”


  2. A well stocked glove box is the sign of a true lady. One must always consider the essentials and be ready for ay emergency 😉

  3. I ran out of room in the glove box today. I had to start stocking the trunk.


  4. And how will you get into the trunk without pulling over? Or did you manage to fit all the “must have while driving” items in the glove box?

  5. Essentials darling! Essentials! Not your entire toy box! ROFL

  6. Yeah, Kate made me unload the trunk.

    She was afraid we’d starve to death before we ever made it all the way to the grocery store.


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