Much of today has been devoted to a certain person’s birthday celebration and another certain person, with whom I share the the joys and frustrations and love of everyday life.

But there are others I adore, and they should not go without being called to on Valentine’s day:

Robert, whose eyes can penetrate me on the spot, and did, on the sidewalk one evening in his city, and again at dinner, I adore you.

Jade, who I would follow into any woods, and to whom I am eternally grateful for the creation of an incredible online erotic collaborative community, I adore you.

Andale, beautiful and talented partner to Jade, and with whom I write the things I wish we could do in person, whose designs give the incredible online erotic collaborative community mentioned above its richness and its beauty. I adore you.

And the one I cannot name, though he knows who he is, and with whom I have not always been careful enough. I adore you.

My life is richer for the passion and the love that you each bring to me and to the world.



~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 14, 2007.

One Response to “Valentines”

  1. Aww shux 🙂

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