In which Molly and W. Merganser Interpret “Lilith” for Janie

Janie wanted a lot of things for her birthday. One thing she wanted was a story by me and Andale of Playful Bent. Another thing she wanted was a birthday wish from Molly, with a photo of Molly posed to look like Lilith as depicted in Janie’s avatar. And of course everyone wants our favorite fictional sexually-unoriented evolution-and-erotica chick to be happy! So W. Merganser and I set out to see what we could do. We took many shots. We couldn’t decide on the best. We were down to about twenty that we thought were good. We finally picked one:lilith1.jpg
Clearly we took liberties with Janie’s actual wish. For one thing, the pose that Collier painted must have been easier to paint than to photograph, or at least easier than it is to photograph using our meager equipment and space! And then, too, snakes of that size are rather difficult to acquire, and less than easy to maintain in urban-dweller apartments. Janie, we hope you understand!

Welcome to the “age of maturity”!


Molly and W. Merganser

~ by Molly Montrevoir on February 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “In which Molly and W. Merganser Interpret “Lilith” for Janie”

  1. Thank you both.

    I am eternally grateful. It’s simply wonderful.

    John Collier would be pleased, impressed, and flattered, I’m quite sure.

    The light, the shadow, the color, the motion, the plants, the material, and of course The Molly work perfectly to drag Collier’s portrait into the 21st century.

    It could not have been any better at all.

    Thank you and kisses to you both.

  2. You’re very welcome, JanieBelle. Much credit is due the photographer! For his patience and his skill, I say he gets a long peek at whatever he wants 😉

  3. Agreed.

    In fact if I actually had a body, he’d get a lot more than a peek…

    (assuming it was OK with you, of course!)

    …and so would you.


  4. If you actually had a body it would be perfectly okay with me 😉

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