Glimpses of “Desire” … Tension and control


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This glimpse was written by Molly about Andale:

How can she move so slowly? How can she not be overpowered by this incredible desire that I know she is feeling. I know it. She must be. But then I can see she is also enjoying my torment and as soon as she gives in to her own desire, my torment will be ended and she knows she can’t have both. Her dilemma restrains her just as the bonds she placed around my wrists restrain me.

She leans so close to me that I can smell the overlapping scents of her: shampoo, moisturizer, the laundry soap that she uses, and her sweat and her own desire. They are an intoxicating combination. Like a kitchen where every course of a delicious meal is being prepared at once. Garlic, cinnamon, savory, spicy, sweet. I am ravenous.

And rapt. And she knows it. And she plays this game so well! And I wonder how long, as she steps out of her jeans. As she slowly — how can she do this so slowly! — slides her panties over her beautiful round hips and lets them caress her lusciously soft-strong legs on their way to the floor. Again she is close enough that I can almost taste her. And again she steps away.

Her eyes lock with mine and I can see that she is torn. She is torn between the pleasure she is taking in my torment, and her own desire to possess me. We have never been so close. She has never before given in to her need to step through that screen. And now she has. And she knows I need her. Want her. Will have her. But she also knows that she will determine the pace. She is testing my patience and I am near to failing. If I move, though, I know I will tip the balance and her enjoyment of my torment will gain strength and so will she. My only hope for breaking her control is to sit very still.

And so, while the wet stain beneath me grows as my desire seeps out of my tingling-aching cunt, I sit.

I sit very, very still.

Photo of two sailing ships in New York Harbor, by Molly.

“Desire” is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License and should be attributed to Andale and Molly writing at Playful-Bent.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on January 21, 2007.

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