Inspiration of another sort…


…to sit astride you in your chair and grasp the collar of your shirt and pull myself down to you for a long and insistant kiss…

…to lean down and circle your nipple with the tip of my tongue while my fingers tangle themselves in the wiry hair on your chest…

…to slide down your leg to the floor beside you and then to take your and and kissing your palm and then the inside of your wrist…

…to suck your fingers, one by one, into my hot-warm-wet mouth, wrapping my tongue around each one before surrendering it for the next…

…to reach for the buttons on your jeans and, slowly, to open each one… and then, with my hands full of denim, to pull you to the floor with me…

…I will take you in the firelight… Don’t let me burn you up.

Not quite.

Not entirely.

Not yet.

Photo of W. Merganser by Molly

~ by Molly Montrevoir on January 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Inspiration of another sort…”

  1. thats lovely … g(o)(o)d one

  2. It’s not the fireplace that has me sweating, but I am burning up after reading that.

    Thank you Molly.

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