Glimpses of “Desire”

From Desire by Andale and Molly

A glimpse from Molly: I am riveted to my spot, here before the mirror, my eyes, locked with hers through the glass. I am barely breathing. I am afraid if I move she will disappear… that I have only dreamed her here. I am having a hard time believing that she is, in fact, here. She has travelled far to meet me. We have anticipated this for months. And here she is. ….

A glimpse from Andale: My eyes have not left the reflection of hers in the mirror. Slowly I raise one arm from her waist, the nail of my middle finger gently sliding up her body, over her small belly, stopping for a moment to circle her perfect belly button, up further between her small breasts, I restrain my desire to cup one of them in my hand. I continue to caress the nail past her breasts to the indent between her collar bone, I’m going to kiss that spot soon, up over her throat and under her chin and there I rest my finger tips on her lips and I smile at our reflections, just a slight upturn of the corner of my mouth.

A glimpse from Molly: Her fingernail has traced an electric current along my body and I’m trembling. I can’t help it. It is as if she is cutting me open with the finest of scalpels, such that the skin closes just after the blade passes through, but the blade continues relentlessly. … Her finger comes to rest on my lips and I give in. I part my lips and let my tongue draw her finger into my mouth. I feel like I could swallow her whole body but I let my mouth close around her finger and suck it in as far as she’ll let it penetrate. I press my tongue against it so that her finger molds to the roof of my mouth. I circle my tongue around it, pressing it down, sucking against it. … I feel her knees buckle, but that lasts only a moment as she quickly regains control.

Andale and I wrote a story, called Desire, on Playful-Bent. We were inspired by photos in each of our strip-shows (which you might also view there, if you upload one of your own and share them with us!). We wrote it by taking turns, each of us describing in our own voice what was happening, so the point of view shifts with each turn. On this blog I’m just going to give you some glimpses at a few of my favorite bits. To read the whole story, which has two variations, you should click here.

NOTE: This story is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License and should be attributed to Andale and Molly writing at Playful-Bent.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on January 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “Glimpses of “Desire””

  1. This has a beautifully performative quality to it, I love it.

    xx peony

  2. Oh Molly. I had read your post here, but didn’t get a chance to go read the full story until I was finishing up our second chapters early this morning. I haven’t finished your story yet, to be honest.

    It got me a little… distracted…. before I got very far.

    I think your approach to this story must have inspired our idea for our story, but we didn’t realize it until this morning.

    We give out our own version of a hat-tip, and you’re definitely getting “A peek above our garters” (as we call it) for our story.

    I think I’ll go read some more of your story and squirm now.

    Kisses to you.

  3. Mmmm… I’m glad you found it … inspiring! 😉 Should you ever feel so generous, perhaps you would pop over to Playful Bent and grace some of our stories there with your own incredibly hot and very distracting words! While you’re there, should you feel like helping to torment a submissive man, there is a story called “The Room” that I’ve added a few bits to… come join in!

  4. Y’know, I believe I shall.

    I did manage to finish one of the story lines, btw. But then I got…distracted… again.


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