Molly waits 3

… She waited …

And she felt the knife edge arousal begin to turn again to uncertainty. What was he waiting for? What was he doing? And she began to speak but he told her “No. Wait.” And then he moved, and then she felt him close behind her, his breath as he exhaled warming her neck. But he did not touch her. And she saw the black gauzy fabric of the scarf before her eyes, and she smiled, though not at him, as the fabric touched her face, and it no longer seemed so gauzy. She could not see through it as he knotted it behind her head, the long ends of the scarf hanging heavily, entwined with her long hair.

She waited for his touch, for a direction, suddenly sharp again, the tip of it cutting a stripe of urgency from her navel to her clit.

He moved on the bed, and she, kneeling, almost lost her balance. He steadied her but as quickly let go. Her desire flamed suddenly with impatience that he was so close to her but not touching her.

She waited…

~ by Molly Montrevoir on December 13, 2006.

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