Small, bright, hard and soft


Small bright yellow flower, close to the ground, catches my eye, but not just my eye… makes my puffy nipples harden against the flannel of my shirt… involuntary response… immediate arousal.

I see the hard brown nub at the center of the flower and it is clearly apart from me, yet sensations wash over my skin as if I am feeling the late Fall air that washes over the flower…

As if… your tongue swirls ’round, up and over, soft breath, wet lips catching, pulling, my nipple warmed then chilled, bitten, pinched, brushed by the incredible softness of your cheek…

We continue our walk but everything I see captures me, distracts me, invites — no, demands — that my body respond…

There is no cover…

I want you. Now.

Where can we go?

Photo by Molly

~ by Molly Montrevoir on December 6, 2006.

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