Grove 2


And then Robert Morgan shifts our perspective, and now we are in her head and he is pushing them forward…

The runlets of drops were everywhere, gravity sliding them down his belly along the corners of his hips into his pants. He reached out with one finger and traced a drop along my chin, running the tip softly under and pushing gently into the under side of my jaw he leaned forward, pulling my mouth toward his. The unexpected joyous tears of arousal joined the flow as I yielded to his light touch. Sliding my hands across his wet flesh my fingers found his buttons and began pulling at the now soaked fabric. He said, “It’s all right baby, move slow, nobody’s going to find us, only lovers like us are outside.” He whispered soft nonsense to me as I found him, found him tip-wet with my wondering fingers. His pants were a sudden sodden wall to me, as I struggled with his clothing he kneeled and pulled me with him. Tugging my jacket over my head he forced it back over my shoulders, capturing me. Kissing and licking drops off my soaked neck he turned me towards our reflections in the window and pulled my top down quickly, exposing me to me.


He whispered in my ear, “darling, let me, let me touch you as you watch us.” He gathered me on his finger, slipping between and over, undoing me there by the windows. I was going to be the rain, the sky, meadow edge moss. The fresh smell of washed earth and growth became my world as I watched him slide against my reflected self. My eyes glistening with rain, waiting for the quiet fall to glory.

(Written by Robert, posted by Molly)

Cabin photo by W. Merganser. Undressing photo by Molly.

~ by Molly Montrevoir on November 25, 2006.

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